Discover The New ECP

After the massive success of the original Exclusive Care Program in the Philippines and in all corners of the globe, the company behind it is once again poised to exceed its great achievements and triumph with the introduction of a new version of the ECP!

Now unveiled, the new ECP showcases a powerhouse of important improvements and a roster of astonishing new healthcare benefits that include:

Benefits USD$30 (Monthly) USD$42 (Monthly)
In-Patient/Hospitalization Benefit P30,000/illness or confinement/year P40,000/illness or confinement/year
Maximum Aggregate Benefit/Year P90,000 P120,000
Out-patient Benefit P1,200/year P1,500/year
Unlimited Free Consultation in IWC-owned clinics for members and eligible dependent Free Free
Unlimited Free laboratory examinations and diagnostic procedures in IWC-owned clinics (upon the advice of in-house doctor) Free Free
Discounts in laboratory examinations and diagnostic procedures for member’s eligible dependents in IWC-owned clinics Up to 30% discount Up to 30% discount
Life Insurance P15,000 P20,000
Annual Physical Examination
(APE-include CBC, Urinalysis, Facalysis & Chest Xray) in any designed accredited service providers and IWC-Owned/partner clinics after 8 months of continuous active membership, or inmmediately after annula payment.
Not Applicable Free
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Hospital P30,000 P40,000
Basic Dental Services FREE FREE
Room Accommodation Private Ward Semi-Private

These amazing benefits give ECP a brand new look and a new meaning to quality healthcare protection. And with the grand scale and the gravity of improved services of the new ECP, you can be assured of healthcare solutions not only for yourself but for your loved ones in the Philippines as well.

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