Pre-paid Benefit Card Now Available for ONLY PHp 100 per year

Date: 2013-05-14

Imagine a Pre-paid card that allows you or your loved ones to be covered with Accidental Bene?t amounting to 15,000 pesos plus free Consultation and laboratory discount package in any of the IWC-Owned clinics for only 100.00 pesos per year? Amazing!

Yes, our company which is known for creating an impact on the lives of Filipinos from all walks of life is again paving the way for hundreds of thousands of Filipinos to be protected against sudden death cause by accident and allows them to gain access to all IWC-owned clinics for their consultation and check-up needs. And the good news? The package comes for only PHp 100 for one year's coverage.

What are the bene?ts of the PHp100 Prepaid Benefit Card?

1. Accidental Death and Dismemberment - 15,000.00
2. Four Consultations in any of the IWC-owned clinics
3. 20% discount in laboratory and diagnostic procedures

How can I purchase the Pre-Paid Benefit Card?

There are two-ways to enroll yourself or your loved ones in this Pre-Paid Benefit Program:

A. Thru your trusted and reliable IMS Network of Consultants nationwide.

Our IMS people who are accessible all over the Philippines will hand in to you the pre-paid card. The pre-paid benefit card is numbered accordingly with safe control codes. As soon as your payment is made ( cash or check payment is accepted) you can simply text the control number and the plan holder's birth date to the following numbers:

Globe: 09279888581
Smart: 09993562878
Sun: 09424920927

You will receive the con?rmation through text that enrollment is successful. The coverage takes affect after 5-days upon successful registration.

B. Online Subscription

Yes! You can enroll your loved ones in the Philippines wherever you are in the World. Simply click the Php 100 Prepaid Card and follow the instructions. We only accept credit card for online subscription of Pre-paid benefit card.

So what are you waiting for?
True enough in IMS, our hobby is to " Make a Difference."

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