A 5 in 1 Healthcare Program That Knows no Boundaries

Date: 2013-03-20

In the not-so-distant future, all Filipinos will enjoy the benefits of health care. Time will come that proper healthcare will no longer be a privilege of the rich, or a dream of the poor, but will be available to all people from different sectors of society. It is on the cusp of becoming a reality. Thanks to ICS Filipino Health Care's Exclusive Care Program (ECP), a comprehensive yet affordable health care platform for Pinoys in the Philippines.

The Exclusive Care Program knows no boundaries. From the Philippine soil, to the lands and seas of Asia, Europe, Middle East and America, ECP is gaining grounds and creating an impact on the lives of every Filipino wherever they are in the world.

And why not? Exclusive Care Program is one of its kind. It's a unique program that gives in-patient and out-patient hospitalization benefits, dental services, free and unlimited consultation and laboratory procedures in company-owned clinics, and life and accident insurance coverage to Pinoys in the Philippines who are enrolled in the program. In short, it gives peace of mind and security that in the event of sickness or accident, hospitalization and medical services are easily available. All these for only $20 or $30 a month.

Exclusive Care Program is likened to a 5-in-1 card that can be used in over 300 hospitals in the Philippines. It is an innovative program that aims to overcome some of the most significant challenges Pinoys back home face in health care, including non-inclusion of people with high risk occupation, or those with cancer and other pre-existing conditions, and the elderly which account for a big share of the population.

The Exclusive Care Program is the answer to the long overdue clamor for a comprehensive yet affordable health care program for our kababayans back home. It cures Pinoys, especially the marginalized, from the crushing effect of the rapidly rising health care premiums and gives them the privilege of having a health and insurance card at a very low cost.

Filipinos in British Columbia are the recent recipients of this piece of good news from ICS Filipino Healthcare when the Exclusive Care Program was launched recently in Burnaby. Community leaders, media personalities and businessmen gathered together and showed their support to this worthy program. The response has so far been amazing which necessitates a grand launch in Vancouver to be held very soon with no less than Honorable Consul General Jose Ampeso promising to grace the event.

Canada is one of the "stops" of ICS Filipino Health Care's global journey to break the barriers between the rich and the poor when it comes to healthcare. Empowered by its advocacy to elevate the healthcare condition in the Philippines, ICS continues its borderless campaign to promote the program to all Filipinos wherever they are in the world. It is only a matter of time when the seemingly elusive health care reform for the Filipinos back home will no longer be farfetched but will soon become a reality.

And if you feel like subscribing for your loved ones back home, you can do it ONLINE today in the comfort of your homes. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Visit: www.filipinohealthcare.com
2. In the home page, click "SIGN-UP'
3. Fill- up the subscription form. The name of applicant refers to your loved ones
residing in the Philippines while the Sponsor refers to the payor in Canada.
4. Complete the subscription form and proceed to payment.
5. Choose whether to pay through Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) or Credit Card
6. You will receive a prompt when the process is complete.

Seven to ten days after your online enrollment, your relatives in the Philippines shall receive the Filipino healthcare package that includes the IWC health card, dental card, insurance policy and the complete explanation on how the benefits can be availed of. So, if you feel like getting one for your loved ones back home, feel free to do it yourself online or call 1800.524.4291 for more details.

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