A Look ahead

Date: 2012-12-21

"There are a lot of things in store for all of us this year." This was the statement made by IMS President Josephine Almanzor in her Welcome Remarks during the 26th IMS Awarding Ceremonies held recently at Crimson Hotel in Alabang, Muntinlupa City. Attended by over five hundred guests, the annual event gathered together the company's top marketing managers, agents and online marketing consultants from all over the Philippines and the world.

Among the exciting things in store for 2013 are free trips to local and international destinations including the Caribbean, the US and Canada for agents who will hit 100 Regular or Elite ECP accounts from January to June 2013. The company will also give away electronic gadgets such as laptops and tablets; and cash rewards in addition to the attractive incentive program for everyone who markets the Exclusive Care Program or ECP.

ECP is a comprehensive healthcare plan for OFWs and their loved ones in the Philippines, with accident and life insurance benefits. Available online at www.filipinohealthcare.com, ECP is a laudable project that addresses today's most important concern-our health.

"We have gone global and we will continue to promote our advocacy worldwide," Almanzor added.

"We have stretched our wings to reach beyond the boundaries of the Philippines and spread the good news to Filipinos all over the world that a comprehensive yet affordable healthcare is at hand and is available online. Together, we will reach the top and view from above a magnificent sight of every Filipino, rich or poor, enjoying healthcare benefits for a longer and healthy life," she ended.

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