Political Ads

Date: 2016-01-14

the gear from traditional campaign strategies to phenomenal campaign!


With the upcoming 2016 National Elections, while your political rivals are busy giving away t-shirts, distributing posters and leaflets, and going around to places shaking the hands of constituents, did you know that there is a bigger campaign opportunity that will guarantee you a SURE WIN at a very affordable price!




Integrated Management Services, Inc. designed
political ad campaign as a tool to help your public service platforms become a reality at the earliest time possible.

Your recipients shall be entitled to Php 20, 000 worth of Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefit card valid for one year.

Not only are you able to provide a good campaign material, but also touch the hearts of your constituents!


For more information in this revolutionary campaign, you can contact us at: 782-6271, 403-3813, 0998-9952938

Moreover, extend a more personal touch to your campaign by using our text blast facility and send them personal greetings, announcements and messages.

With great power comes great responsibility”

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