Partnership all the way to California!

Date: 2013-11-22

Three women, a team, and a dream - to be of service, to enhance and uplift lives brought about the collaboration that is now SignifyOne, is the same team that launched The Filipino Health Care project in Southern California on November 1st of this year. "We believe in the scores of people that this advocacy can help.

Billions of dollars are remitted by Filipino Overseas workers to their familes every year yet sadly they are not devoted for high quality Health Care", says Reggie Mares, co-founder of SignifyOne. "We have banded together to reach as many remitters as possible.

It's easy to see the value of this product for loved ones at home while the Filipino OFW works abroad." Together with Cynthia Cardona , one of IMS Wellthcare pioneers and Marketing Operations Manager based in New Jersey, and with SignifyOne co-founders Genalyn Saban and Mercedes Roth, the soft launch was successfully shared with key invitees who will jointly promote the project. Says Genalyn, "I am thankful that my family was spared from the last earthquake and deadly storm that affected parts of Cebu; but knowing that I had recently gifted them with IWC Health Care cards gave me such peace of mind." IMS Wellthcare offers the first daily benefit program in the Filipino health care industry and now being offered in several parts of the US and the world. "I wish we had this here in the US when I was caring for my sister in the Philippines who died years ago from cancer.

It would have helped with her treatment and hospitalization expenses", Mercedes said. If you are in California, visit for proper enrollment in the program. Signify One will promote to Filipinos in California the Exclusive Care Program, a special healthcare program for Pinoys in the Philippines which gives the following benefits: hospitalization, out-patient benefits, dental services, life and accident insurance benefit and FREE consultations in IMS/IWC owned clinics.

Soon, Southern California community will have an unwavering commitment to bring security and peace of mind to their loved ones back home in times of sickness and accidents.

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