ECP Now in Singapore!

Date: 2013-07-27

Excitedly seated in the board room of the prestigious head office of IMS, Kal Randhawa, the Managing Director of Prospect Wellness, a Singapore-based company, and his partner Joe Edwards, were introduced to an amazing health care program being provided to Filipinos all over the Philippines The Exclusive Care Program (ECP).

During a comprehensive presentation, anticipation was seen on their faces to partner with IMS in bringing this program to Filipinos in Singapore and to join IMS in its global health advocacy to make every Filipino a beneficiary of a very good health care program. And in a simple, yet meaningful affair, the agreement was made to make the ECP available to Filipino sponsors in Singapore.

Soon the Singapore Filipino community will be united and relieved to hear that their loved ones back in the Philippines will be protected and secured in times of sickness and accidents. Shown sealing the agreement with a contract signing are (from left): Jomel Almanzor, IMS AVP for Billing & Collection; Kal Randhawa, Prospect Wellness Managing Director; Myles Mojica, IMS Vice President for Global Operations; and Joe Edwards of Prospect Wellness.

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