New York Welcomes ECP

Date: 2013-05-03

On a lovely spring day in New York City, IMS Wellth Care implanted its vision for all Filipinos to be equally provided with healthcare, in the minds of the Filipino community leaders who attended the launching of The Exclusive Care Program (ECP).

ECP is the next BIG news that came to Pinoys in New York! As people started to trickle in, placing themselves where the large projected IMS logo was predominantly seen on the wall, excitement was building up, as Warren D'Aoust, a representative presenter of IMS, started to talk about the ECP program.

In merely minutes the room was packed and anxiety started to fill the room. The president of IMS, Josephine Almanzor, first took the stage introducing the company and the exciting vision it proposed. With everyone patiently listening with curiosity, Warren proceeded with describing the plans that are changing the lives of kababayans all over the Philippines. Excitement and questions filled the room, and one by one, they were all answered. Satisfied with what they heard, the guests who attended the launch couldn't help but think about their relatives in the Philippines, with a sign of hope and relief evident in their eyes.

With a standing ovation for not just the presentations, but also for the product and vision, they welcomed the good news and promised to support and promote the company's global advocacy.

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