Bringing Every Global Filipinos closer to HOME

...And so came our enduring vision of a morning sun that is fully rising casting a shadow of hope and joy- a gift of lasting peace of mind for every global Filipinos; a gift of health and security for their families while they are away from home.

What issues are handled by this number?

  • Issues on policies and cards
  • Hospital availments
  • Status of members
  • Payment history of members
  • Availment procedures
  • Lapsation and reinstatement
  • OMC registration and validation
  • All other after -sales and customer service issues

Our Manila Office
14th Floor Manila Astral Tower, Taft Avenue cor. Padre Faura
Manila, Philippines
Telephone: +632.525.5366

Our USA Office
96 Franklin Street
Belleville, NJ

Satellite Offices, Information Centers and Worldwide Partners

Global Filipinos located in the country or area where there is no ICS Filipino Healthcare's Information Center may visit for detailed information and or subscription.

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