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From the PHILIPPINES… to millions of Filipinos WORLDWIDE, comes The Exclusive Care Program, the first and truly remarkable healthcare protection package intended for your loved ones back home.

Sure that wherever you are or wherever you may be, health wise you are protected. But how about your loved ones in the Philippines? Are they?

The Exclusive Care Program takes care of them when you just can’t... More

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Let the program take care of your loved ones in the Philippines while you are away from home

In the Philippines, only those who can afford to pay, which are very few, have healthcare coverage. Of 100 deaths due to illness, more than 70% have not seen hospital facilities neither visit medical practitioners during their lifetime. It is the intent of this program to help alleviate, even in a small way, this pathetic situation... More

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The program is a quality product of IMS Wellthcare Inc., an HMO company operating under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines and compliant with the regulations of the Department of Health.

IMS Wellthcare Inc. ( IWC) offers the first Daily Benefit Program in the Philippines healthcare industry. The IWC gold card opens the gateway to high quality healthcare services from 8000 highly trained doctors/specialists and from more than 400 accredited hospitals and clinics all over the country.

Owned and operated by IMS Wellthcare, Inc.

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